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After years of musical performances all more alarming the ones than the others    
in the medium of the austere shantytowns of the large corpse of dominant ultra-civilization (1993-1997),    
after having tried to awake the ears genetically modified by    
the unhappy band-widths of the hardware world discount and the disasters virtual audio entertainments (1998-2004),    
Sun Plexus decides to be folded up at the fine bottom of its dear Romania    
to cross the secret temporal barrier transferring them onto Antamak.    
There, isolated and naked, far from all and from nothing sidereal, the three sick brains of the solar plexus    
try out during two light-years (2005-2007) new random drugs plunging them at the fine bottom    
of a dark matter crash to domesticate bestial howling entities there.    
The experiment proves to be salutary and, completely purified,    
SUN PLEXUS 2 is determined to return on the terrestrial dustbin (2008)    
 witha new opus in the shape of a particle accelerator absorbing    
all the excrements of the binary music or not, in remembering the horror.    
For the rare survivors having the preserved ears of the universal sound disaster, it is now or never.    
To clean the tympanums and to reactivate the vibrations of the homo-sapiens     
are the mission offered by God of Electricity to    
SUN PLEXUS 2 which prepares to turn over to the 22nd century.    


Philippe Zislin