The sound projector 14th issue 2005-06    
After initial promise of insanity and weirdness in early tracks, this CD of    
art-rock quickly gets pretty dull, if not downright silly. It does start    
             with a fine bit of perplexing noise; there's a solemn percussive opening,    
after which 'kit polini' delivers some utterly disjointed guitar rock,    
assisted b y Drumbo-sytled drumming, horrible percussion effects, and    
             additional horrible vocal groans - all of which instils a good degree of    
             bewilderment . Pretty good arty grunge...and there's a sense of gloom and    
             dread in its mad urgency, which you can use as a soundtrack for the pictures    
             on the cove rs. Front cover shows threesun-worshippers in pagan stance    
silhouetted ag ainst taht golden orb that is a totemic object for them.    
Back cover depicts thre e naked women running headlong into the sea; as you play    
             this openin g track, you might imagine these bathers scuttling off to flee    
             some nuclear-p owered domm, or be eaten alive by sea monsters. 'Gnocchi'    
likewise is another case of frying pan or fire; it offers little relief from  implied terrro    
             track titles include 'coup de hache' , ' blessures secretes' and 'amityville '    
 I think you'll agree this has gone quite far enough.    

" DicK " Ed Pinsent 25 / 07 / 2005